Here you'll find all of your options for displaying content on the FACS website. Some options work better than others depending on your needs, so it's best to familiarize yourself with your options first.


Publishing to the News channel is very popular. If your content is news, most likely the News channel is the perfect fit.


  • Initially gets the most attention, as news is sorted by newest first
  • Automatically is published all over our website where it's related
  • Simplified fieldset for easier creation
  • Automatic indexing with date, category and tag options


  • As time elapses, your story will get less attention. However, your story can remain sorted at the top if "Make Entry Sticky" option (Options tab) is checked, or the Date (Date tab) is changed
  • No left menu option. News is automatically indexed by date, category or tag
  • Doesn't have easy ways to create complex formatting such as including a form, accordion, slideshow, timeline, etc.

How to add: Content > Publish > News


The fieldset is the same as News, except Events has one additional field: When. If your news is about an event, publish it to the Events channel. 

Advantages over News

  • Has the When field, which places closest events first, when they should be getting the most attention
  • You can add an event any time, even years in advance, knowing it will float to the top when appropriate
  • After When has elapsed, the event will disappear so you don't have to remove it yourself


  • The latest upcoming Featured event is in the box in the middle of the front page, below the huge scrolling featured news stories. Thus, news can potentially get more attention than events. If this event is very important and its regular exposure isn't enough, you can additionally publish a Featured news entry about it.

How to add: Content > Publish > Events

Featured People

Do you have a profile or story about a specific person? Then Featured People is a great option.


  • Automatic indexing by person type, department, category
  • Simplified fieldset
  • Strong focus on the person
  • The newest featured person shows up in the right box on the front page for 2 weeks

How to add: Content > Publish > Featured People

Common Fieldset

If your content isn't right for any of those options, the common fieldset is probably what you'll want. The Common Fieldset is what channels like FHCE, Extension, SSAC and FDN use. 


  • Lets you create simple to complex pages
  • Can be linked in the left menu of its channel


  • Could potentially not get as much attention as news and events unless there's an explicit link to the page. The Left Menu field creates a link, if defined.
  • More complex fieldset

How to add: Content > Publish > (your department)