This page describes the basics of Expression Engine, the user-friendly content management system that powers the FACS website. Tips are listed for you to interact with Expression Engine while you progress.

Channels + Entries

Channels contain related entries. Each entry is a web page. For example, each entry in the FHCE channel is a different web page of that department.

Some channels and what they hold:

  • FHCE - FHCE pages
  • News - news stories
  • Events - events
  • People - information/biographies on people in the college
  • Galleries - photo galleries

To see all channels, click on Content > Edit


A field is a piece of information in an entry. For example, in channel FHCE I have an entry "Undergraduate | Front Page." Inside this entry I see fields Title, Page Title, Page Subtitle, Body, etc.

  • Often you'll see instructions above a field name.
  • Some fields like Downloads are collapsed, but will expand if you click on them. These collapsed fields are less commonly used. 
  • We have a Common Fieldset that is used in most channels (FHCE, College, SSAC, etc.), but the fieldsets in channels like news, events and galleries are smaller/simpler.

You should view Fields so you can familiarize yourself with the fields at your disposal. Each field is like a tool. The better you know the fields, the better page you can make.

To see fields, click on Content > Edit > FHCE, click any entry title, then view the fields. Expand the ones that are collapsed to see what they do.

To wrap it up, we have channels, which hold related entries, which are composed of fields.

Finding an Entry

Upon logging in, look under "Modify or Delete" and click Entry (screenshot). This brings up a search box. Start typing the title of your page to find it. If there are too many results, you can view the Channel column to determine the correct entry.

Alternative Methods

You can alternatively go to Content > Edit > (channel) to get a full list of that channel's entries. You can click on the Title column head to sort by title, grouping similar entries.

To see how similar entries group together, go to Content > Edit > FHCE, then click the Title column head.

Another alternative is going to Taxonomy > (channel) for a tree view. Taxonomy also allows you to reorder the items in your left menu by dragging and dropping them.

Adding an Entry

How to Define Title

Go to Content > Edit > <your channel> and look at the convention of how Title is defined. You'll pick this up by looking at existing entries, but for reference:

  • In most channels, Title is defined using a delimiter, such as "Undergraduate | Housing | Internships"
  • For News, Events and Galleries, Title is simply the title of your thing
  • For People Title is the person's name

After figuring out Title, go to Content > Publish <your channel>

To create a basic page, let's say the FHCE Consumer Economics (undergraduate) page, do this:

  1. Go to Content > Publish > FHCE
  2. In Title, input "Undergraduate | Consumer Economics"
  3. In Page Title, input "Consumer Economics"
  4. In Body, input "Our major is great!"
  5. Click the "advanced" tab
  6. In Left Menu, define Label / Title as "Consumer Economics test" and Select Parent as " - Undergraduate"
  7. Submit

If you visit FHCE > Undergraduate, you'll see the left menu links two Consumer Economics pages now, one being yours.

Adding an entry to News, Events or Galleries is much simpler. Simply go to Content > Publish > News to give this a try.

Deleting an Entry

Let's delete the entry you just added.

Go to Content > Edit > FHCE, click the checkbox to the right of the entry you want to delete, scroll down and change the dropdown box from Edit Selected to Delete Selected, then click Submit.

Now let's remove it from the left menu.

Go to Taxonomy > FHCE, locate the "Consumer Economics test" that you added, then click the x next to that node.


Categories are helpful for displaying People listings, or linking news, events and galleries to related pages.