Main Directory

We have a main directory at This pulls in content from our People channel. The People channel is defined by each person after they click "Add/Edit Your Entry" at the top of that page.

Expression Engine authors can also edit anyone's profile. All profiles are located in the People channel. Or simply do an entry search for first and/or last name.


Each People entry is assigned to categories. These allow us to index people by department, lab, personnel type, and so on. Example: /people/category/hdfs

You can edit the categories by opening a People record and going to the Categories tab.

Adding People into Pages

Instead of relying on categories to index, we can include people individually into Common Fieldset web pages by using the Contact People, Related People, Related People (Bigger) or Featured People fields, located at the bottom of entries. This is handy if you:

  • want to create a People listing page with additional content, and/or
  • want a custom listing that falls outside any category


Including people into Contact adds them to a box on the right of the web page with their name that links to their biography. This field also includes entries from the Contact Offices channel, so if you'd prefer to link to an office instead, you can.

Related People

Including people into Contact People adds them to the bottom of the web page in the same style we see them in the main directory.

Related People (Bigger)

Including people into Related People (Bigger) adds them to the bottom of the web page with their name, title, Job Description field, and photo, like at Meet the Deans.

Featured People

Until now, the source of all of these People listings has been the People channel. But we also have a Featured People channel, which defines

Expression Engine authors can include a blurb of any of these records into an existing page by using the Featured People field inside an entry, next to the Related People and Related People (Bigger) fields. This is handy if you have a person who is related somehow to the page.

Removing People

When someone has left the college, you should remove that person from our website. To do this, open their entry in the People channel, go to the Options tab, then change Status to Closed. 

Special Case: Undergraduates

You may not want to include undergraduates in your department's directory. However, in custom pages using the Related People field, maybe you'll want to include undergraduates so that you have a Meet the Staff page that includes your undergraduate staff. We have a special status for any People entry for this called Unlisted. To access this, open a People entry, go to the Options tab, and set Status to Unlisted. This enables all fields under "Adding People Manually into Pages" above to work, yet doesn't list this person in the main directory or any filters on the main directory.