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One Button Studio

One Button Studio simplifies video production, so that you just insert a thumb drive and push one button to begin recording.

Why use the One Button Studio?

The One Button Studio drastically simplifies video production for faculty, staff and students. One Button Studio requires less time and effort and provides consistent high-quality video packaged on a thumb drive in a standard format.

Possible uses of the One Button Studio...

  • Rehearsing for class presentations or group projects
  • Creating videos for online instruction, such as for flipping your classroom
  • Creating videos for recruitment, training, or professional development
  • Creating ePortfolio materials or video essays
  • Practicing your public speaking skills
  • Recording a group interview or podcast

Where is the Studio located?

The studio is located in room 357 of Dawson Hall.

Using the One Button Studio

After you have reserved the one button studio, simply bring a flash drive (with at least 1GB of free space) to the studio, and you are ready to go!

1 - insert usb drive, 2 - push button, 3 - begin filming

You will see the instructions appear on the screen. Simply follow the prompts to create your own video!

  • Step 1: Insert USB drive.
    When you insert your flash drive, the camera will automatically turn on.
  • Step 2: Push button.
    When instructed, press the big silver button. You’ll receive a 5-second countdown before the camera begins recording.
  • Step 3: Begin filming.
    Now that you don’t have to worry about setting up the lights and camera, you can focus on what you have to say!
  • Step 4: Push button / remove drive.
    When you’re finished, press the button one more time to stop recording and save your video to your USB drive.
  • WAIT to remove your drive until the on-screen prompt says it’s ok.

Tips & Tricks

Come prepared

You have a limited amount of time to use the space so...make it count! Plan what you want to present ahead of time.

If using a PowerPoint, use large text

Since your slides won't take up the full screen of your final recording, you will want them to be large, and legible. On a typical PowerPoint presentation, you won't want to use anything smaller than approximately a 32-point font for your text.

Don't wear dark blue or green clothing

The backdrop in the studio is a “chromakey” fabric, and it can be adjusted from green to blue. If you are using the technology and are wearing a color that matches the color of the screen, you may find yourself "disappearing" into the background.

Look at the camera, not the preview

There is a preview screen that will show what your video will look like. Although it is good to look at this before you press the button, once the recording has started, you will want to look straight ahead at the camera lens.

Consider using a lectern, stool, whiteboard or other furniture if needed.

While only a lecturn and a stool is provided in the studio, other items are available for use upon request. If you would like to use any additional instructional tools, please let us know when you schedule your recording session.

If you require assistance let us know.

The One Button Studio can be adjusted for use by those with special needs or mobility issues. Just let us know and we will be happy to assist you with your recording.


Can I use a video, or PowerPoint with sound in my presentation?

Presentation videos with audio, shared from the presentation computer, cannot currently be recorded. Still images or PowerPoint presentations will work just fine.

Can I tweak the settings on the camera?

No. Camera settings cannot be adjusted for individual recordings.

Can I adjust the lights?

No. The lights are placed so that there is no need for adjustment.

Can you edit my video for me when I'm finished?

Media conversion services are not provided for One Button Recordings. Please consult with OTIS staff prior to recording if you believe that the recording format will not meet your needs.

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