Tech Fee Expenditures

We use your technology fee to give you a stable learning environment, providing cutting-edge technology in our computer labs and classrooms.

What We Provide

Grammarly accounts are available on request for all faculty, staff, and students in FACS.

SPSS, ATLAS.ti, Microsoft Office Professional and Adobe Creative Cloud are available for installation on any UGA owned computers.

The following specialty software are currently available in our computer classrooms, labs and virtual desktops (may vary based of faculty needs and requests):

  • AutoDesk (AutoCAD, Revit, 3DS Max)
  • Interior Design (20-20 Design, Design Manager, SketchUp)
  • Fashion Design (Lectra’s Kaledo Suite, Modaris, Diamino Fashion)
  • Quantitative Analysis (MPlus, SPSS, RStudio, GPower, StatTools)
  • Nutritional Analysis (Diet Analysis Plus, ESHA Food Processor SQL)
  • Data Visualization (Tableau)

Expenditures 2022-2023

By the Numbers

15,529 Zoom Meetings (2022)
15M Grammarly Word Checks (2022)
7,176 Qualtrics Surveys Made (2017+)
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