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Skype for Business

Skype for Business 2016 is typically installed with Office 2016 (in your office) and Office 365 (at home). It is fully integrated with the Microsoft Office suite of programs and allows them to easily share information between them. This first video will introduce you to some of the advantages of using Skype for Business over Classic Skype.

What is Skype for Business

Set up Your Meeting

Adding Contacts

Presenting in Your Meeting

Record Your Meeting


Although not officially supported at this time, many faculty choose to use the Zoom platform for video conferencing. The College of Agriculture has an enterprise account and several of our faculty have individual accounts. Limited free accounts are also available. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about Zoom.

How do I Join a Meeting?

How do I Invite others to Join the Meeting?

How can I test my equipment before the meeting starts?

How do I Record a Zoom Meeting?

How do I Present during a Meeting?

Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a web conferencing platform that is available to use on its own or from within eLC. Collaborate Ultra features a modern look, excellent audio and video quality, and the option to upload and store content in advance of your session. View all available features.

To use Collaborate Ultra outside of eLC, visit this resource.

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