OTIS develops websites using our content management system, Expression Engine, and adheres to the official UGA branding standards. OTIS doesn't provide development or hosting for custom websites. Read your options below for implementing custom websites.


You may hire a web developer to create a custom website. Your website will need to be updated by your developer as time goes by, from the ongoing security updates to the content.

Important: Provision for ongoing support from your developer for these updates. They will happen.


Your site should adhere to the UGA branding standards.

UGA Hosting

UGA provides hosting for many situations, from content management systems to regular web setups.

Read UGA Hosting Policies

Third Party Hosting

You may use a third party hosting service, such as WordPress, to host your website. These typically cost around $30 per month. Hosting is usually bundled with:

  1. Domain management. For example, resolving "www.coolwebsite.com" to your website.
  2. Easy-to-use web development tools.

Hosting, domain managment, and web development tools are usually handled seperately, so having one service that integrates them will simplify the development process.

Review UGA's security policies before making a website with a third party, especially if using forms. Tip: You can alternatively use Qualtrics for forms.