Jamie A. Cooper, Ph.D.

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Foods and Nutrition

Associate Professor and Director, UGA Obesity Initiative

180 Dawson Hall
305 Sanford Dr.
Athens, GA 30602


workOffice Phone: 706-542-4903

Curriculum Vitae


Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
PhD Nutritional Sciences University of Wisconsin-Madison 2009
MS Kinesiology (Exercise Physiology) Michigan State University 2004
BS Kinesiology Michigan State University 2002


Dr. Cooper's research encompasses a number of areas ranging from human obesity to athletic performance. Her primary research interests are aimed at addressing metabolic and satiety hormone responses to different nutrients and/or exercise in humans. For more information, see the Human Nutrition Laboratory.

Current Research

My research lab is currently examining the metabolic and endocrine responses to high-fat meals or diets of varying fatty acid composition in normal weight and obese women. We are particularly interested in fat metabolism and hunger and satiety hormone responses to these meals or diets.


FDNS 2050 - Introduction to Sport Nutrition and Wellness

FDNS 2050E- Introduction to Sport Nutrition and Wellness (Online course)

FDNS 6220/4220 - Nutrition in Physical Activity, Exercise, and Sport

FDNS 6230E - Current Issues in Sports Nutrition (Online course)

FDNS 8230 - Advanced Nutrition in Physical Activity, Exercise, and Sport

Faculty-led Education Abroad Program: Nutritional Tour of Italy

Areas of Expertise

Metabolism and Energy Balance

Hunger and Satiety

Holiday and Vacation Weight Gain

Sports Nutrition

Dietary Fats

Prior Professional Positions

Organization / Department Title Years of Service
Texas Tech University (TTU)/ Department of Nutritional Sciences Assistant Professor 6


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
Fellow The Obesity Society 2018
First Year Odyssey Seminar Program Teaching Award University of Georgia 2018
Undergraduate Research Mentor Award University of Georgia- Department of Family and Consumer Sciences 2018
Career Center Faculty Recognition Award for Student’s Career Development and Success University of Georgia 2017, 2016
Faculty Mentoring Undergraduate Research Award Nominee University of Georgia 2016
Office of Online Learning Faculty Fellows Cohort Program Selection University of Georgia 2015
Young Investigator Award Recent Advances and Controversies in Measuring Energy Metabolism (RACMEM) 2014
New Faculty Award TTU Alumni Association 2013
Favorite Professor Award TTU Dept. of Athletics 2013
Selected to the Teaching Academy Texas Tech University 2013
New Faculty Award College of Human Sciences at TTU 2013
Coach of the Year (Triathlon) TTU Intramural Sports Club Federation 2012
Faculty Grant Writing Competition Winner College of Human Sciences at TTU 2011
Favorite Professor Award TTU Dept. of Athletics 2011
Hemphill Wells New Professor Excellence in Teaching Award Texas Tech University 2010
Outstanding Poster Award University of Wisconsin-Madison 2009
NIH Pre-Doctoral Training Grant Recipient University of Wisconsin-Madison 2006-2009

Journal Articles

Selected (2013-Present)

S. Kaviani, M. vanDellen, and J.A. Cooper. Daily Self-Weighing to Prevent HolidayAssociated Weight Gain in Adults: a randomized control trial. Obesity. 2019; 27(6): 908- 16. PMID: 31119881.

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S. Kaviani, C.M. Taylor, J.L. Stephenson, J.A. Cooper, and C.M. Paton. A 7-day high PUFA diet reduces angiopoientin-like 3 and 8 responses and postprandial triglyceride levels in healthy females but not males: a randomized control trial. BMC Nutrition. 2019, 5:1.

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Working Papers

A.R. Marquardt, K.R. Lewandowski, C.M. Paton, and J.A. Cooper. Comparison of Postprandial Metabolic and Antioxidant Responses to a Meal with and without Pecans. Journal of Functional Foods. 2019. Under Review.

Y. Son, J.M. Cox, J.L. Stevenson, J.A. Cooper, and C.M. Paton. Angiopoietin-1 protects 3T3-L1 pre-adipocytes from saturated fatty acid-induced cell death. PLOS One. 2019. Under Review.

L. Rodrigues, J.A. Cooper, and C.M. Paton. Comparison of Acute health Benefits of Black and English Walnuts. Nutrition Research. 2019. Under Review.

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M. Houston, M. vanDellen, and J.A. Cooper. Self-Weighing Frequency and its Relationship with Health Measures. American Journal of Health Behavior. 2019. In Press.

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