Matt J Goren, PhD

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics

Adjunct Assistant Professor

The Aspire Clinic


workOffice Phone: 7062025566

Alternate Phone: 7062025566

Fax: 7062025566

Curriculum Vitae

Current Classes

FHCE3200 Introduction to Personal Finance


Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
PhD Psychology UC Berkeley 12/14
Certificate in Personal Financial Planning Personal Finance UC Berkeley Extension 8/15
MS Psychology University of Georgia 3/09
BS Psychology University of Florida 5/07


I assess how well financial literacy interventions affect behavior and increase quality of life.


I currently teach Introduction to Personal Finance to non-majors. I have also taught classes on research methods and statistics as well as social and cultural psychology.


In addition to providing pro-bono one-on-one financial advising, I work with Project Free and the Aspire Clinic to provide quality financial advising services to students and members of the Athens community.

I also co-host Nothing Funny About Money alongside Michael G. Thomas, Jr. on WUGA.

Areas of Expertise

Personal finance for young and low income people, behavioral finance, social psychology, organizational psychology.

Journal Articles

Sharpe, D., Walters, A. S., & Goren, M. J. (2013). Effect of Cheating Experience on Attitudes toward Infidelity. Sexuality and Culture, 17, 1-16.
Goren, M. J. & Plaut, V. C. (2012). Identity form matters: White racial identity and attitudes toward diversity. Self and Identity, 11, 237-254.
Alworth, L., Ardayfio, K. L., Blickman, A., Greenhill, L., Hill, W., Sharp, P., Talmage, R., Plaut, V. C., & Goren, M. (2010). Diversity in laboratory animal science: Issues and initiatives. Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, 49, 138-146.
Plaut, V. C., Thomas, K. M., & Goren, M. J. (2009). Is multiculturalism or colorblindness better for minorities? Psychological Science, 20, 444-446.


Goren, M. J. & Plaut, V. C. (2013). Racial identity denial and its discontents: Implications for individuals and organizations. In Thomas, K. M., Plaut, V.C., & Tran, N. M. (Eds.) Diversity Ideologies in Organizations (pp. 43-62). London: Routledge.
Dawson, B. L., Thomas, K. M., & Goren, M. J. (2012).  Career Development.  In Q. M. Roberson (Ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Diversity and Work (pp. 782-826). Oxford: Oxford Press.