Yura Son

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Foods and Nutrition

Ph.D. Student

Food Science and Technology building, UGA
Athens, Georgia 30602


workOffice Phone: 7063080732


Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
M.S. Food Science and Technology Sejong University 2016
B.S. Food Science and Technology Sejong University 2014


FDNS 2100 Teaching Assistant

Journal Articles

1. Yura Son, Jae-Hwan Chung, Sanghoon Ko, and Soon-Mi Shim. 2016. Combinational enhancing effects of formulation and encapsulation on digestive stability and intestinal transport of green tea catechins. Journal of Microencapsulation, 33(2):183-90.

2. Yura Son, Tae-Sik Park, and Soon-Mi Shim. 2016. Pharmacokinetics and plasma cellular antioxidative effects of flavanols after oral intake of green tea formulated with vitamin C and xylitol in healthy subjects. Journal of Medicinal Food, 19(2):211-17.

3. Yura Son, Eun-Hye Choi, Goon-Tae Kim, Tae-Sik Park, and Soon-Mi Shim. 2015. Bioefficacy of Graviola leaves extracts on scavenging free radicals and upregulation antioxidant genes. Food & Function, 7(2):861-71.

4. Yura Son and Soon-Mi Shim. 2014. Effects of various cooking methods on content, oxygen radical absorbance capacity, and bioaccessibility of caffeoylquinic acids in Ligularia fischeri (Ledeb.) Turcz, Gom-chi. Journal of Agricultural Science, 6(8): 19-27.

5. Yura Son and Soon-Mi Shim. 2015. Various domestic heating processes changed content, digestibility, and radical scavenging capacities of Su Ri Chwi. Journal of the Korean Society for Applied Biological Chemistry, 58(5):771-78.