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Zehua Cui

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Human Development and Family Science

Ph.D. Student & Graduate Research Assistant

Room 208, 105 Foster Road (Pound Hall), Health Science Campus
Athens, GA 30606




Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
B.A. English Shanghai University 2012
A.M. Social Work University of Chicago 2014


My research focuses on examining youth behavioral and socioemotional outcomes as well as the development of resilience in the context of adversity.


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship University of Georgia 2017

Current Classes

HDFS 3700 (Undergraduate class) Adolescent Develpoment (co-teaching)

Current Research

My current research is on understanding how youth develop future orienatation and how future orientation protects youth against engagement in risky behaviors as well as promote positive development. In addition, I am currently looking at how neighborhood envionrment impacts youth development of risks and resilience. 

Job Description

Zehua is a 5th-year doctoral candidate in Human Development and Family Science. Her research focuses on examining youth behavioral and socio-emotional outcomes as well as the development of resilience in the context of adversity. She is particularly interested in the influence of family and neighborhood context on positive youth development. She is the current lab coordinator at Youth Development Institute directed by Dr. Assaf Oshri.

Interesting fact: Zehua is very good at badminton. She also has a penchant for vinegar-forward foods that are very spicy.


Cui, Z., Oshri, A., Liu, S., Smith, P. E., Kogan, S. M. (2020). Child maltreatment and resilience: The promotive and protective role of future orientation. Journal of Youth and Adolescence. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10964-020-01227-9

Cui, Z., Huffman, L., Duprey, E.B., Liu, S., Cauhgy, M., Smith, E., Oshri, A. (in prep). The Effect of Neighborhood Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Physical Decline on Youth’s Future Orientation: The Role of Parenting Strategies.

Cui, Z., Duprey, E.B., Liu, S., Oshri, A. (in prep). Individual and relational future orientation among emerging adults: Development and Validation of a New Measure. 

Liu, S., Cui, Z., Duprey, E.B., Kogan S.M., & Oshri, A. (2020). Adverse parenting is indirectly linked to delayed reward discounting via blunted RSA reactivity: the protective role of a shift-and-persist coping strategy. Adversity and Resilience Science. Advanced online publication. https://doi.org/10.1007/s42844-020-00012-8.   

Zhang, L., Cui, Z., Sasser, J., Carvalho, C., Oshri, A. (2021). Family stress during the Covid-19 pandemic worsens the effect of adverse parenting on adolescent boys' sleep quality. Child Abuse & Neglect. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chiabu.2021.105390

Oshri, A., Cui, Z., Carvalho, C., Liu, S. (2022, in press). Is perceived stress linked to enhanced cognitive functioning and reduced risk for psychopathology? Testing the hormesis hypothesis. Psychiatry Research. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.psychres.2022.114644

Oshri, A., Cui, Z., Owens, M., Carvalho, C., Sweet, L. (revise and resubmit). Does Stress Benefit Working Memory? A Test of the Hormesis Hypothesis. Neuropsychologia

Zhang, L, Cui, Z., Huffman., L, Oshri, A. (revise and resubmit). Sleep Mediates the Effect of Stressful Environments on Youth Development of Impulsivity: The Moderating Role of Within Default Mode Network Resting-State Functional Connectivity. SLEEP.

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