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Patricia Hunt-Hurst
Associate Dean for Academic Programs

My current research examines women's fashions during the 20th century and focuses on body exposure and college dress and fashion. 

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Lorien Jordan
Doctoral Canidate

My current research is developed around bicultural meanings and processes of social justice in New Zealand's mental health discourse. This project was carried out at the Family Centre in Lower Hutt, New Zealand and is funded through a Fulbright US Graduate Student award. While at the Family Centre I worked under the supervision of Charles Waldegrave the head of the Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit and one of the founders of the Just Therapy approach, and under the advisement of Dr. Chris Cunningham the Director of the Research Centre for Maori Health & Development at Massey University.

I am also currently engaged in an ongoing project with members of the CuRRIGS Lab, supervised by Dr. Desiree Seponski. This project has been developed out of a study of secondary truama and the use of supervision by therapists and psychologists in Cambodia. Current emphasis is being placed on the effects of stigma on the experiences of therapists.

To learn more about my ongoing and future research please visit my website at:

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