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Patricia Hunt-Hurst
Associate Dean for Academic Programs

I am a dress and fashion historian. My major research interest is in the area of African and African American dress and textile history. Specifically, my efforts are directed toward the study of the dress of African-American women, 1865-1940 in Georgia and South Carolina and slave clothing and textiles in Georgia and South Carolina. An important aspect of my research includes the documentation of historic apparel and accessories to determine date, regionality, and function. New research areas incorporate the analysis of cultural perception in the fashion marketplace, my specific interest relates to Africa, however, I have been involved in research projects focused on Asia and the United States. Since 1996 I have been actively involved with study abroad programs to London and Ghana. Both offer unique educational experiences to students interested in adding a global perspective to their academic studies.

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Michael Rupured
Senior Public Service Associate and Extension Financial Management Specialist

Evaluates the effectiveness of financial education programs on program participants.

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