We have more than 25 research-focused centers, institutes, and labs in areas ranging from health and nutrition to finance and biotechnology. Many are interdisciplinary and bring together faculty and students to work on complex issues.

ASPIRE ClinicFamilyFinanceHealthNutritionDesign

Human Development and Family Science

Family and Community Resilience Lab Family

McPhaul Child Development Lab FamilyHealth

Youth Development Lab Family

Institute of Human Development and Disability

CARE Lab Family

LIFE Lab Family

Foods and Nutrition

National Center for Home Food Preservation NutritionHealth

Bone and Body Composition Laboratory NutritionHealth

Food Quality Research Laboratory NutritionHealth

Child Nutrition Laboratory NutritionHealth

Micronutrient Proteomic Research Laboratory NutritionHealth

Cancer and Nutritional Connection Enzyme Research Laboratory NutritionHealth

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Historic Clothing and Textile Collection Design

NanoStructured Materials Lab Design

Textile Labs Design

Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics

Housing and Demographics Research Center Homes