Student Responsibilities in Appeals

The University Bulletin includes the following statement in its “General Academic Regulations and Information”: “Students are expected to be full participants in academic advising and thus to be both prepared and engaged in the advising experience. The academic landscape changes constantly, and although advisors can provide advice, each student is ultimately responsible for knowing and understanding the degree requirements and policies related to his/her own academic progress.”

IMPORTANT: Petitions based on a lack of knowledge of university requirements are rarely successful.

Route of Appeals

Appeals begin at the academic unit responsible for the decision. For example, grade appeals go to the instructor who assigned the grades; department requirements to the department; college requirements to the college; all university requirements to the Educational Affairs Committee. 

In the case of graduate students, appeals are routed to the Graduate School rather than the school or college.

An unfavorable ruling at one level can be appealed to the successive levels as defined in the Guidelines for Routing of Academic Appeals. An instructor decision can be appealed to the department; a department ruling can be appealed to the college in which the instructional unit is located; a college ruling can be appealed to the Educational Affairs Committee; and the Educational Affairs Committee ruling can be appealed to the President of the University.

Students who have a matter they wish to appeal at the college level should contact Dr. Patricia Hunt-Hurst, Associate Dean for Academic Programs.

For more information, see the Student Academic Appeal Process

Grade Appeals

The process for grade appeals at UGA can be found here.