How do I apply?

Application is online.  Complete the application and submit required materials (resume, letter of recommendation etc…) to

Who can apply?

For the legislative aide internship you must be a junior or senior FACS undergraduate student. For the congressional aide internship you must be a FACS graduate student.

When do I apply?

Applications for the legislative aide internship are accepted anytime but are due no later than October of the fall semester prior to beginning the internship in the spring.

When is the internship?

The legislative aide internship is only in the spring semester during the Georgia General Assembly, which is typically early January to sometime in April or May depending on the proceedings of the General Assembly. The congressional aide internship is variable and can be any semester (fall, spring or summer) as long as adequate advanced preparation has been made several semesters in advance

Where is the internship? 

The legislative aide internship is in Atlanta, Ga where students will live for the duration of their internship.  The congressional aide internship is in Washington, DC.

How much is my stipend?

Amount is variable but tends to be around $2,500 which covers very basic needs only.

Who supervises my internship?

This may vary based on who is the Legislative Aide Coordinator. At this time the internship is supervised by Dean Linda Kirk Fox, Dawson 225.

Do I get course credit?

Yes you get course credit based on your departments internship course (5910) or independent study course (3910) which can range from 3 to 12 credits depending on full or part time student enrollment status requirements for financial aide.

What are the course requirements?

Course requirements consist of writing weekly log, a mid-term self evaluation and a final self evaluation, and a final paper summarizing your experience.  All of these are submitted via email to the Legislative Aide Coordinator.