If you…

  1. Took Spanish or French in high school and want to know where you place:
  • 1-2 courses or levels in high school: Register for 1110
  • 3 courses or levels in high school: Register for 2001*
  • 4+ courses in high school: Register for 2002*
  1. Earned AP credit for Spanish or French:

You should be able to sign up for the next level of the language on Athena.

  1. Took Spanish or French in high school but did not get AP credit, AND want credit or an exemption:

Take the placement exam. The exams are 60 minutes in duration and cost only $20. See the University Testing Service’s Foreign Language Placement Exams page for details.

  1. Took Spanish or French in high school but don’t remember anything and/or don’t want to take the placement exam:

Take 1110. This course has been specially constructed for students like you. It combines materials from 1001 and 1002 into one semester.

Why Should I Take 1110?

  1. Time and money! Many students who need foreign language credits need to complete the third level (1001, 1002, 2001). That is three semesters of courses. But if you take 1110, you get to the third level in just two semesters of courses (1110 and 2001).
  2. 1001 courses are designed for absolute beginners (students who have never taken any Spanish or French in high school). If you have taken any courses in this language, you will be bored. 1110 starts with the same material as 1001.
  3. Fear not! If you sign up for 1110 and you suddenly realize you need to be in 1001, you can move. During the first week of classes (drop/add), you may drop 1110 and add 1001. If you wait until the second week of classes, you will need to find a 1001 instructor who is willing to accept you and sign a section change form. But as most of you will discover, 1110 is the place for you if you ever had a course in the language before.

*Note: If you think you belong in 2001, 2002, or 3010 but do not have AP or placement test scores to indicate this, you may email Kate Daley-Bailey in the Department of Romance Languages. In the email you must include your student ID number, the course number you are requesting, and the following statement in order for Ms. Daley-Bailey to enter the override: “I understand that I am registering for this class at my own risk. I will not hold the Department of Romance Languages or the University of Georgia responsible for any difficulties or problems I may encounter in taking this course.”

Courtesy of Kate Daley-Bailey, Department of Romance Languages