You'll need a reference from a faculty member.

For questions about whether your reference is acceptable, contact Assistant to Associate Deans.

Most FACS faculty are included in the dropdown box at the bottom of this form. If your reference is not in the dropdown box, use this form to request that they be added.

If you think you'll take over 30 minutes to finish this form, prepare your longer answers ahead of time, then come back and paste them to avoid getting timeout errors.

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Local Address

Provide the following materials in support of your application

If you receive a scholarship you will be invited to the Donor/Scholarship reception that is held every Fall semester.

You'll need a reference from a faculty member. FACS faculty are included in the dropdown you can select from. Your faculty reference can be somebody from outside of UGA. If this is the case, send a request to Jimmy Hansen ( to add them to the list, including their name and email.

By electronically signing this application, I give my permission to release my application materials to the scholarship donors. I understand that my personal essay could be kept by the donor. I also authorize the Office of Student Financial Aid to release information about my financial situation to the College of Family and Consumer Sciences for the purpose of determining my eligibility for the scholarships for which I have applied.

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