College Appeal Process

Academic grievances about course content and/or course requirements must go to the instructor of the course first, then if unfavorable to the next level as listed in grade appeals. The College of Family and Consumer Sciences follows these guidelines and further delineate in the FACS Grade Appeal Chart. Per University Policy, an appeal can be made for graded work within the course or the grade given at the end of the course. See Academic Affairs Policy 4.05-01 for additional information. 

Academic grievances about an instructor or staff member in a department must be made to the Department Head. Make an appointment to see the Department Head to discuss the grievance. The Department Head may request that you put the grievance in writing. Letters should clearly and concisely explain the grievance, state the matter in the first paragraph and include all relevant information in support of the grievance. The student meeting with the Department Head may be audio recorded.  After the meeting with the student, the Department Head will consult with the faculty member (keeping the student’s name anonymous), the Department Head may also consult the Associate Dean for Academic Programs and/or Associate Dean for Outreach and Extension or the Dean of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. Once a grievance is made the Department Head has 7 working days in which to investigate the grievance, talk with instructor, and may render his/her decision in writing.

Click here for grievance procedures for a graduate student to appeal assistantship evaluation of progress toward degree completion and other non-grade appeals. 

Approved 1/26/2017