We would like to have all Family Finanical Planning majors and anyone interested in the financial industry to join SFPA! We are open to all majors!

At our meetings, speakers come from various financial institutions to talk with us about their businesses.They present us with a better insight on major facets of their company such as: the philosophy of their business and how it operates (i.e. fee-only or commission based) and whether they specialize in retirement planning, financial counseling, or investments. These representatives inform us about their work environment and how to climb the ladder for specific career paths. They also give advice on how to edit resumés and cover letters, as well as dressing profesionally for an interview with their company. 

Meetings are a great networking opportunity!

In order to become a member:

  1. In order to be an official SFPA member, we ask that you pay the dues of $10 to cover meeting costs, events, and much more!
  2. In order to be a member of FPA National and FPA of Georgia, submit payment of $35 to http://www.fpanet.org/professionals/Membership/Individual/. FPA National are inclusive of a 1 year subscription to the Journal of Financial Planning and BusinessWeek, so that you can keep updated on the latest trends in business and financial planning as well as discounted conferences and meetings.
  3. Come to the meetings motivated and ready to learn about the exciting field of financial planning!