We help you develop skills needed to obtain a career in the fashion industry. This includes being able to participate in a variety of events in the community and the fashion industry to which SMA is dedicated.


We provide students the opportunity to develop and enhance skills needed to obtain a career in the fashion industry. Career development is emphasized through merchandising, fashion show production, public relations, styling, and more when preparing for the annual fashion show as part of UGA Fashion Week. During fashion show preparations students will be working with our local Athens boutiques and networking with other student organizations. SMA prides itself on member participation, and 100% involvement is needed for events like the annual fashion show.

Who can join?

We are an organization designed for students of all majors especially those majoring in Fashion Merchandising in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. 


Our meetings are Wednesdays at 7:30pm in Dawson Hall room 116.


Leadership roles are highly encouraged since many committees are needed for events like:

  • public relations
  • advertising
  • styling
  • risk management
  • graphic designing

Members not only enjoy satisfaction from serving the community and the college, they develop a network of friendships through the Student Merchandising Association. 


Dues are $25 per semester.

Executive Committee 2017-2018

President: Victoria Case vtc41220@uga.edu

Vice President: Natalie Lawson natalie.lawson@uga.edu

Head of Styling: Kennedy Wages kennedy.wages25@uga.edu

Styling Assistant: Courtney Blackwell courtney.blackwell4217@gmail.com

Head of Social Media: Kirsten Henderson Kgh72206@uga.edu

Social Media Assistant: Samantha Fons  samantha.fons25@uga.edu

Head of Business Relations: Emily McGee  emily.mcgee25@uga.edu

Head of Events: Ansley Pippin ansley.pippin25@uga.edu

Financial Chair: Catherine Liu  xl61474@uga.edu

Advisor: Clair McClure cinabne@uga.edu