Join us for a 12 day academic program in 3 of the most beautiful places in Greece for an interdisciplinary collaboration between the College of Family and Consumer Sciences and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Earn 3 hours of FHCE 5710/ 7710 - Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics in Greece - The Case of the Greek Financial Crisis, Instructor: Effie Antonoudi


Earn 3 hours of AAEC 3911 -  International Agribusiness and Environmental Management – The Case of the Greek financial Crisis, Instructor: Dr. Genti Kostandini

There are valuable lessons to be learned from every crisis.

This study abroad program will include lectures and discussions with representatives from academia, the government, institutional and the private sector.  We will:

  • Study Greece, its political institutional framework and agricultural sector as part of the European Union and the Eurozone.
  • Explore how the Greek Financial Crisis affects the business environment, the key sectors of the Greek economy including the agricultural sector, the services sector and the end consumers.
  • Explore the effects of the Greek Financial crisis on the housing market and how financial planning and financial literacy can vastly improve the lives of consumers in the midst of the crisis.
  • Learn about the Greek heritage and the Greek culture in an effort to explore the background and origins of the Greek debt crisis and the conditions under which the economy might be turned around.
  • Discuss the role of producers and consumers in the economic recovery and the challenges in implementing the necessary reforms.
  • Study how exchange rates, financial and marketing institutions, property rights, government regulations, and cultural practices impact agribusiness profitability and international competitiveness.
  • Tour of the Acropolis and other historic and cultural sights in Athens and Thessaloniki.
  • Take a sunset cruise to Santorini.

Director and Course Leaders

Program Director: Effie Antonoudi

Faculty and Co-Director: Dr. Genti Kostandini 

The faculty and program director, Effie Antonoudi grew up in Greece and Greek is her native language. She has set up and organized this program and is our liaison with our University and Business partners in Greece.

Dr. Genti Kostandini, the faculty and co-director has previously studied in Greece for two years and is familiar with the Greek culture and the Greek language.

Academic Program

Two courses are offered as part of this program and students can only choose one course or the other: FHCE 5710/7710 OR AAEC 3911

Students cannot complete both courses at the same time.  The maximum credit hours students can earn by attending this program is 3 credit hours.  Both courses are study abroad courses and are 3 credit hour courses. 






Atlanta, GA 

Departure from USA - travel day


Athens, Greece

Arrival in Athens Greece


Athens, Greece

Lectures and instructional/cultural Visits


Athens, Greece

Lectures and instructional/cultural Visits


Athens, Greece

Lectures and instructional/cultural Visits


Santorini, Greece

Cultural and instructional Visits


Santorini, Greece

Cultural Visits


Thessaloniki, Greece

Lectures and instructional/cultural Visits


Thessaloniki, Greece

Lectures and instructional/cultural Visits


Thessaloniki, Greece

Lectures and instructional/cultural Visits


Thessaloniki, Greece

Lectures and instructional/cultural Visits


Thessaloniki, Greece

Departure from Greece - travel day

Housing and Meals

The students will stay in hotels in Athens and Santorini. In Thessaloniki, the students will stay at university campus dorms. The program provides all breakfast meals and most lunch and dinner meals as group meals covered under the program fee. 

Features and Costs

The program fee is subject to change due to currency exchange fluctuations but is estimated to be $2,900. This fee includes all accommodations, transportation while in Greece, orientation program, sightseeing tours with professional tour guides and most meals. (program fee does NOT include airfare from the US to Greece, tuition, or fees associated with tuition)



Payment Due Date

UGA Fees (Special Institutional, Technology, Connect UGA, Green)




Two weeks after acceptance of application

Program Fee


May 1, 2019



May 1, 2019



Students book on their own

Incidentals (souvenirs, etc.)



UGA education abroad programs strive to provide reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities.  Areas of disability include, but are not limited to visual, hearing, learning, psychological, medical, and mobility impairments. If you receive disability-related accommodations at UGA or at your home university, or if you anticipate needing accommodations at your overseas site, you will arrange for them with your study abroad program director and the staff in the Disability Resource Center.  Examples of accommodations include note taking assistance, extended test time, a quiet testing location, alternative text/media, and accessible housing. Please provide information about your accommodation needs at least 4 weeks prior to departure in order to allow time to arrange for accommodations. Students are asked to disclose disability-related needs prior to the start of the program to help ensure that there are no delays in accommodations and that the student can enjoy the full study abroad experience. Upcoming Info Session

Upcoming Info Session

October 25th from 4pm-5pm at Dawson 312



Experiential Learning scholarships are open to first through third year students for ANY UGA approved EL activity. Individual awards are in amounts up to $2500 and can be used toward a wide array of expenses associated with the EL activity, including research, art materials, travel, board, etc.

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