The mission of the collection is to document the state of Georgia's history through the preservation of historic clothing and textiles. The collection is also used in instruction, research, and as a source for inspiration. It is a veritable library of fashion history providing examples of line, design, fabric, workmanship, and quality.


The collection will become the prime resource for instruction and research of historic clothing and textiles as well as world dress and textiles at the University of Georgia, and a central resource for such efforts in the state of Georgia.


Several areas of focus within the collection have been identified to better accomplish the collection's mission and vision and to add depth and variety to the artifacts housed in the collection. These include clothing, textiles, and accessories that:

  • represent various eras in history and in the evolution of dress in the United States, with particular emphasis on artifacts formerly owned or worn by Georgians.
  • represent various subcultures in the United States.
  • represent a variety of traditional dress from world cultures in order to build a greater ethnographic collection.
  • represent the works of American couture designers.