Big Events 

The 1950s were a time of large cultural and social change, which was reflected in the world of fashion. In 1950, the Korean War begins. In 1951, color TV is introduced. And in 1954, the modern civil rights movement began.

Big Ideas

As the suburbs became popular, family and domesticity for women became a prominent force in society. Additonally, teenagers became fashion consumers and market leaders for the first time. Due to technological advances, new fibers such as polyester, triacetate, and spandex are introduced. 

Big Trends

The prominent trend of the time was femininity, as shown by the prominence of Christian Dior's "New Look". Shape was emphasized by full swing skirts or narrow pencil skirts, as well as fitted bodices and a small waistline achieved with the help of petticoats and girdles. Elegant accessories and jewelry such as hats and pearls were popular at the time, and high heels were ubiquitous. Other trends included Peter Pan collars, tapered or capri pants, and the introduction of the bikini.