Big Events

With the rise of new media such as MTV, the 80s fashion landscape began to shift rapidly. The televised wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer caused a fashion frenzy, with "Lady Di's" elegant hats, tailored suits, and evening dresses making her a global style icon. 

Big Ideas

The 1980s were known as the "Me" Generation, with an emphasis on logos and designer labels. The decade also saw the rise of yuppie (young urban professionals) culture, and the introduction of the fitness craze. In the world of high fashion, postmodernism and avant-garde fashion were vastly influential. 

Big Trends

With the introduction of yuppie culture, business attire and "power-dressing" with items like shoulder pads was a popular trend. In light of the fitness craze, leg warmers, tights, and leotards were widly worn, and women accessorized with big hair, flashy costume jewelry, and bright heels. In terms of undergarments, Madonna and Jean-Paul Gautlier inspired a underwear-as-outerwear trend alongside the popularity of Calvin Klein underwear.