The Product Design and Development Lab creates a unique space for students to practice their design skills and create products.

The Product Design and Development Lab is located in Room 215 in Barrow Hall.  This lab helps prepare students for product design and development careers.  The lab currently houses 4 industrial Juki sewing machines, 4 Brothers home sewing machines, 1 Juki baby lock serger, 16 dress forms ranging in sizes, along with various pattern making and draping tools. Students are able to expand their knowledge in product development and design, production of prototypes, and production of final garment products.The lab equipment was partially funded through a Cotton Incorporated grant, Cotton for Healthy Living.

Fashion design is the art of application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social latitudes and has varied over time and place. Our Product Design and Development students learn to work in a number of ways to design fashion products. Inspiration and design concepts drive the garments’ creation, along with identifying the target market. All designs are first prototyped in muslin, design and fit problems addressed and resolved, before the final garment is constructed.  Student designers present their final projects to the class, professor, and invited judges.

Fall 2015 TXMI 4900 Garment Designs

Fabric design is extraordinary because the artist trusts and encourages others to adapt the two-dimensional work on fabric into a new three-dimensional form. The imagined end uses for the printed fabric – quilts, clothing, accessories, and home décor – can help guide and inspire the designer’s work. Whether printing a few yards or 10,000 yards in a mill, fabric design involves the seamless repetition of one basic unit over the length of the cloth. Students in TXMI 4900 partner with TXMI 2360 Residential Interior Design students to create original surface design fabrics that are transformed into various cotton products. Student work displays in the 2nd floor Barrow Hall Gallery.

Fall 2015 TXMI 4900 and TXMI 2360 Fabric Designs

Special guest speakers often visit the Product Design and Development Lab.  Tosha Hays, a UGA alumni, spoke to the students during Fall 2015 Semester.  Mrs. Hays previously led product design for Spanx Inc. before partnering with Mary-Cathryn Kolb and launching their own brand Brr!. She spoke with the TXMI 4900 students about the global chain from the perspective of a designer and business owner.

Guest Speaker-Tosha Hays