Research Lab Dawson 104

This laboratory houses a twin-screw, melt-compounder and a resin transfer molding machine.  These machines are used to develop various biobased thermoplastic and thermoset polymeric formulations.  In addition, this laboratory space includes a Gaulin Homogenizer to develop  nanocellulose.  Moreover, a padding machine with a baking oven in this room is used for various textile dyeing and finishing experiments. This laboratory also houses a  xenon weatherometer and a launderometer used to evaluate the colorfastness properties of fabrics. 

Research Lab Dawson 360

Dawson 360 includes the following instrumentation: a dynamic mechanical analyzer for characterization of the viscoelastic properties of polymeric materials, including polymers, fibers, and fabrics; a hydrostatic pressure tester for evaluating water resistance, an automated micro porometer for pore size analysis and air permeability, and a penetration tester for evaluating medical drapes/masks.  A 3D Printer is also housed in this lab.  A separate room inside Dawson 360 is a biosafety containment laboratory used for standard assessment of microbial growth and properties.  This laboratory contains the instrumentation required to evaluate the microbial properties of polymers and textiles including a biological safety hood, incubation ovens, single beam spectrophotometer, colony counter, and bench top autoclave.

Research Lab Dawson 367

This lab is equipped with a thermal analysis system that includes a differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), a thermal mechanical analyzer (TMA), and a thermal gravimetric analyzer (TGA).  Other instrumentation in this laboratory includes a GC/mass spectrophotometer, a spectrofluorometer, a UV-Vis spectrophotometer, and a bispectral fluorescence colorimeter.  Compound polarizing and stereo zoom microscopes, video display, and image analysis software also are available for microstructural characterization of polymers, fibers, yarns, and fabrics.  A heated stage for melting point characterization also is available in this laboratory.  Vertical, 45 degree angle, oxygen index flammability testers and an UV accelerated weathering tester also are located in this laboratory.

Research Lab Dawson 369

This laboratory is a spacious conditioning room maintained at the standard temperature and humidity required for textile testing.  The laboratory is equipped with a gravimetric absorbency testing system, a tensile tester interfaced with materials testing software, pneumatic and hydraulic bursting testers, abrasion and pilling testers, a snagging tester, and an air permeability tester.  Viewing cabinets and other instrumentation used to evaluate the physical properties of fibers, yarns, and fabrics also are available in this laboratory.

Nanostructured Materials Lab Riverbend North, 101-106

The research laboratory for nanotechnology and materials sciences in the field of polymers, fibers and textiles is equipped with two scanning probe microscopes Bruker Dimensions ICON and Multimode MM8, Olympus BX51/ IX83 optical microscopes (bright, dark field, fluorescent modes, IXON DU897D camera and high speed imaging i-SPEED FS cameras), Fluorolog 3 spectrofluorometer with lifetime, TAM –III calorimeter system (isothermal calorimeter and semi-adiabatic calorimeter with a titration set up), Nanofilm ep-4 imaging ellipsometer (null-ellipsometer), MCR 302 Modular Anton Paar (magneto-) rheometer, ZS Malvern dynamic light scattering particle analyzer, wet chemistry labs, a glove box, coatings and fiber spinning systems.

Textile Testing Lab Dawson 308

This laboratory is used to teach undergraduate and graduate textile testing, physical analysis of textiles, and product development classes.  Equipment in the room includes tensile testers interfaced with materials testing software; abrasion, pilling, and tear testers; compound and stereo microscopes, a table top conditioning chamber, standard viewing cabinets, and numerous other small equipment used to characterize and evaluate the properties of fibers, yarns, and fabrics.   This room also is used as a lecture, seminar and resource room. Dawson 308 recently has been completely renovated resulting in a state-of-the-art laboratory and teaching space. 

Product Design and Development Lab Barrow 215

This laboratory is a creative space for students to practice their apparel design skills and create products.  The lab currently includes 4 industrial Juki sewing machines, 4 Brothers home sewing machines, 1 Juki baby lock serger, 16 dress forms raning in sizes, and various pattern making and draping tools.