If you have test request not listed below, please contact Dr. Suraj Sharma.


  • Crocking (AATCC Test Method 8)
  • Laundering Accelerated (AATCC Test Method 61 Test 1A and 2A)
  • Perspiration (AATCC Test Method 15)
  • Bleaching with Hydrogen Peroxide (AATCC Test Method 101)

Moisture, Comfort, Permeability:

  • Water Repellency Spray Test (AATCC Test Method 22)
  • Absorbency (AATCC Test Method 79)
  • Water Resistance Hydrostatic Pressure Test (AATCC Test Method 127)
  • Vertical Wicking (AATCC Test Method 197)
  • Horizontal Wicking (AATCC Test Method 198)
  • Air permeability (ASTM D737)

Abrasion and Strength:

  • Abrasion Resistance Accelerotor (AATCC 93)
  • Abrasion Resistance Flexion and Abrasion (ASTM D3885)
  • Abrasion Resistance Mardinale Abrasion (ASTM D4966)
  • Pilling Resistance Mardindale (ASTM D4970)
  • Piling Resistance Random Tumble (ASTM D3512)
  • Breaking Strength and Elongation Grab Test (ASTM D5034)
  • Breaking Strength and Elongation Strip Method (ASTM D5035)
  • Bursting Strength (ASTM D3786)
  • Tearing Strength Elmendorf (ASTM D1424)
  • Snagging Resistance Mace (ASTM D3939)
  • Stiffness (ASTM D1388)


  • Flame Resistance Vertical (ASTM D6413)

Antibacterial Activity:

  • Agar Plate Method (AATCC Test Method 90)
  • Parallel Streak Method (AATCC Test Method 147)