We integrate instruction with relevant research on textile fiber and polymer science, merchandising and international trade, consumer behavior, historic and cultural aspects of dress and textiles, design solutions for residential interiors, and global apparel supply chain and organizational dynamics.

Spotlight on Innovation

  • The Historic Clothing and Textile Collection is a collection of over 1500 garments, accessories, and textiles.

  • Our research is conducted at Nanostructured Materials Lab where we study “smart” materials.

  • Our research labs are used by students and faculty for textile and materials testing.

Creative Design Solutions

Evidence-based design for residential design solutions informs our curriculum and prepares our students for their careers in design. Aspects of our study:

  • The client
  • Learning environments
  • Advancement of FI career professionals
  • Design solutions
  • Sustainability
  • Online learning
  • Community of practice
  • Culture and the built environment
  • History of residential interior design
  • Effective health care design

Merchandising and the Global Marketplace

We study attitudes and intentions of consumers and their behavior in the retail and merchandising environment to positively impact the success of businesses and entrepreneurs.

Historic and Cultural Aspects of Dress

We study the history of dress adornment, interpret culture and the global understanding of all aspects of dress and appearance.

Polymer, Fiber and Textile Science

Along with collaborators in engineering and chemistry at UGA and materials science at Georgia Tech and Clemson, we have spearheaded research in environmental chemistry, innovative biotechnology applications, product development and recycling of textile by-products to advance the innovation of new products and businesses.