There are four students organizations in the department geared toward student interests in various aspects of the fashion industry.

Student Merchandising Association

Student Merchandising Association seeks to educate and develop opportunities that will facilitate interest and professional development within the fashion industry. SMA hosts professional speakers, participates in activities fairs, and conducts a student-lead fashion show.

Fashion Design Student Association

FDSA is a student organization that prides itself on extreme fashion and creative personalities. FDSA was created to help you build your portfolio and resume. In addition, FDSA allows you the opportunity to develop the competence and skills needed to succeed in a fast-pace career in the fashion industry.

Rouge Magazine Association

Rouge Magazine is a fashion magazine that strives to provide you with a guide to existing and future trends, local fashion treasures, and current events in the fashion industry. Rouge Magazine is distributed every semester on campus and in downtown Athens.

The Agency

The UGAgency is the University of Georgia’s very first modeling agency. The agency specializes in bookings, castings, and the exposure of local models in today’s ever-expanding fashion industry. The UGAgency wants to give future photographers, models, make-up artists, and stylists the opportunity to build their portfolio while giving the entire team the experience needed to be successful in the fashion industry.

Video: Fashion Week 2013 Promo