Yes, all adults that participate in EFNEP should be entered into WebNEERS and marked as being part of the Federal EFNEP subgroup.  This gives us a more complete picture of who we are reaching with EFNEP dollars and helps ensure that programs are effectively targeting the EFNEP audience.

If you want to be able to filter out ineligible participants from your reports, you can create an institution level subgroup and have your users mark the ineligible participants as being part of that subgroup.  Then, you can setup a filter that pulls data for all participants that are 'not in' the subgroup you setup.

A participant can only be entered into WebNEERS once in any given program year.

  1. Select Manage Adults at WebNEERS Home page
  2. Select the double arrows (insert icon) icon in the Name column
  3. Review the list of names
    • Identify any names which are repeated
    • Verify the individuals are unique – or –
    • Delete one of the duplicate records
      • See Manage Adults section of the Web-NEERS user manual for information on deleting an adult.

You will need to delete the participant from the incorrect database and reenter all of the information into the correct database.

If a participant has incomplete recalls/checklists they cannot be considered a graduate. If one of the reasons in WebNEERS does not fit the situation, select “other.”

If a previous staff member or volunteer will not delete, it is due to adult participants, youth groups and/or volunteers still being assigned to the staff being deleted.  See Manage Staff section of this manual to review the process to Transfer Responsibilities of adults or youth groups between staff.  If it is volunteers still assigned to the staff, see Manage Staff section of the Web-NEERS user manual to review the process for generating the Volunteer List report. Once the volunteers have been identified, transfer those volunteers to another staff member.

  • Remove the street name and house number; then verify with General Delivery
  • Ensure spelling is correct in town name and/or zip code is correct; then verify with General Delivery
  • Save the Adult record being worked on
  • Return to the WebNEERS Home page
  • Select Manage Adults
  • Select the edit icon next to the adult to be edited
  • Review the Contact Info tab to determine if the address has been verified and/or the tab appears.
  • Select the List of Families by Staff Member under the Report heading in the Adults section
  • Select Address Not Verified Filter
  • Select Submit at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the Preview icon to the right of the staff’s name
  • Review/print the adults listed
  • Repeat step 4 and 5 for each staff member
  • You cannot edit a question if it was included in a question set.  If you need to edit a question that is attached to a question set you’ll need to remove the question set from any regions it is assigned to and then remove the question from the question set. 
  • You can always add it back after you edit it, but this should release it for editing. 
  • Please note, this is only possible if there are no adults or no youth groups in the regional level that used the question set. 
    • If the question set has been attached to an adult or to a youth group and you need to make edits, the checklist must be deleted and then you have to complete the steps listed above to unassign the question set from the region and to remove the question from the set.