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  • Assaf Oshri

    Assaf Oshri

    Associate Professor

    Assaf Oshri is an associate professor at the Department of Human Development and Family Science. His research focuses on youth well-being, risk, and resilience using multi-level methods (e.g., behavioral observations, surveys, psychophysiology, and neuroimaging).

    Assaf directs the OIBR work-group Stress, Adversity, Trauma, & Resilience (STAR)

    He is also a faculty affiliate of UGA’s Integrated Life Science - Neuroscience program and the department of psychology.

    Interesting fact: Assaf has a coffee maker named Sylvia, a sourdough starter called Kovida and a Kamado named Joe. 

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  • Zehua Cui

    Zehua Cui

    Ph.D. Student & Graduate Research Assistant

    Zehua is a 5th-year doctoral candidate in Human Development and Family Science. Her research focuses on examining youth behavioral and socio-emotional outcomes as well as the development of resilience in the context of adversity. She is particularly interested in the influence of family and neighborhood context on positive youth development. She is the current lab coordinator at Youth Development Institute directed by Dr. Assaf Oshri.

    Interesting fact: Zehua is very good at badminton. She also has a penchant for vinegar-forward foods that are very spicy.

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  • Linhao Zhang

    Linhao Zhang

    Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant

    Linhao is a second-year doctoral student in Human Development and Family Science. Her research focuses on studying how child adversity influences youth development and psychopathology among youth and how executive functioning, psychophysiological, and neurological mechanisms impact these associations. She is particularly interested in how sleep quality can impact the parent-child relationship as well as risk and resilience behaviors.

    Interesting fact: Linhao’s feet have gotten smaller! She used to wear size 7, but now she wears 6.

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  • Cory Carvalho

    Cory Carvalho

    Ph.D Student, Graduate Research Assistant

    Cory is a first-year doctoral student in Human Development and Family Science. He is interested in the neurocognitive effects of early-life adversity on adolescents, as well as protective factors within the family and environment that lead to positive outcomes despite early adversity.

    Interesting fact: Cory thinks joy is a wormy, steaming pile of compost, and he has a deep admiration for the oak--mightiest of trees.

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