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All couples who complete the Elevate program are eligible to participate in the Discovering Money Solutions (DMS) Program. A few months after you complete Elevate, you will be contacted by the Project F.R.E.E. team to determine your interest in participating in the next DMS virtual workshop.

Economic instability is a source of stress for many families. This stress can greatly impact couple relationships and result in conflict in the home. We are helping couples build and manage financial resources effectively so that they can make progress toward lasting economic stability together.

Discovering Money Solutions (DMS) program.

During this 3-week virtual workshop, couples learn information related to optimal use of financial institutions, spending, savings, investing plans, building or repairing credit, managing debt, and financial goal setting.

In Elevate, they talk about taking time for date nights and here we learn how to save money to take a date night!

Elevate and DMS Participant

With the support of our DMS financial coach, you and your partner will:

  • Discover Money Beliefs-Understand your money attitudes and behavior; identify how your money attitudes impact your goals; and create "small steps" to help solve financial problems together.
  • Discover Money Strategies-Understand the impact sound financial management has on desired outcomes; learn how to better manage money together; and identify and implement money solutions in the areas of cash flow, credit, banking, insurance, saving, and investing
  • Discover Opportunities-Learn how to develop and market your strengths and abilities; understand the significance of social and human capital and how to expand it; and learn the basics of taxes and how to file for free.

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