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Couples and Stress

There are many types of stress that can impact you, your partner, and your couple relationship.

  • Work: Are you or your partner working a stressful job, such as front-line worker, swing shift worker, etc.? Did one of you lose a job? Or, are you struggling to balance work and family life?
  • Financial: Are you or your partner struggling to make ends meet? Do you have unexpected expenses that are causing you worry? Or, maybe you both are unable to get on the same page about your financial needs and wants?
  • Parenting: Are you expecting a child? Have a child under 18? Have you been involved with child welfare services/DFCS (currently or recently)? Or, have you received home visitation services like in-home therapy, Parents as Teachers, or Babies Can't Wait (currently or previously)?
  • Relational: Are you engaged or considering marriage? Navigating the space between dating and marriage? Looking for a way to reconnect?

It is often difficult to be aware of each other's lives when ongoing stress is wearing you down. Stress affects how we feel and how we respond to each other. It is not easy to be the best partner (or parent) when weighed down by stress.

Our Elevate workshops will help you and your partner recognize the signs of stress and provide concrete tools to manage that stress in healthy ways--so you and your partner can focus more on enjoying one another and your life together!

I gained a lot of techniques that I can try at home. I learned to listen more and step back and take a time out from stress and conflict.

Elevate Participant

Choose a Format That Works for You

  • In-person workshops available in select counties across Georgia
  • Or, participate from the comfort of your own home with our virtual workshops.
  • Both options include 12 hours of guided activities, lively discussions, and lots of time to connect with each other.
  • Both partners must participate
  • Our passionate trained facilitators can't wait to meet you!

What Couples Receive

  • Eight, 90-minute sessions of fun, for free!
  • Learn the seven core skills and qualities for relationship success.
  • Opportunity to connect with and learn from other couples.
  • Your relationship is elevated to the next level!

It “Pays” to Elevate your Relationship

  • The more classes you both attend, the more you receive.
  • Up to $160 e-gift card per couple for completing all 8 sessions.
  • Up to $95 in e-gift cards for each partner who participates in the research.

Want Economic Stability?

Economic instability is a source of stress for many couples.

Partners who have finished Elevate will have an opportunity to participate in our other free program, Discovering Money Solutions. DMS teaches skills to build and manage financial resources effectively. This helps families progress toward lasting economic stability. Financial security can reduce couple conflict in the home. Ask us for more information during the DMS registration process.

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