Elevate - Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level

About the Elevate Program

This skills-based, evidence-informed program helps couples form, improve, and sustain healthy relationships.

Elevate blends practical skills with an understanding of the physiology of human interaction to enhance knowledge and skills essential to healthy relationships.

Seven Ways To ELEVATE Your Relationship


Taking care of yourself first can help improve the wellness of your relationship.

While a healthy couple relationship can lead to better health, attending to one's physical, mental, and emotional well-being also fosters healthier couple relationships.


Learn ways you can choose to make deliberate and conscious decisions about your relationships.

A strong, healthy, long-lasting relationship does not just happen by chance but, instead, through deliberate and conscientious decisions to be committed, intentional, proactive, and strengths-focused.


Create an stronger awareness of your partner and the relationship.

To develop and sustain healthy relationships, partners must develop and maintain intimate knowledge of each other's personal and relational needs, interests, feelings, and expectations.


Learn ways you can show support, affection, and respect for your partner.

Individuals who express kindness, use understanding and empathy, demonstrate respect, and invest time to be available and open to their partner are able to maintain stable, healthy couple relationships.


Develop and maintain your friendship with your partner to help build couple identity.

Being a healthy couple involves spending meaningful time together and fostering a shared sense of couple identity in order to sustain a close, enduring friendship based on trust and love.


Learn skills to deal with differences in healthy ways.

Problems and conflicts are a normal part of relationships. Healthy couples use strategies to see their partner's view, accept differences, and manage stress to ensure emotional and physical safety.


Identify ways that you can connect your relationship to others.

The connections that couples develop with their family, peers, and community offer a source of meaning, purpose, and support that influence the health and vitality of their couple relationship.

Choose a Format That Works for You

  • In-person workshops available in select counties across Georgia
  • Or, participate from the comfort of your own home with our virtual workshops.
  • Both options include 12 hours of guided activities, lively discussions, and lots of time to connect with each other.
  • Both partners must participate
  • Our passionate trained facilitators can't wait to meet you!

What Couples Receive

  • Eight, 90-minute sessions of fun, for free!
  • Learn the seven core skills and qualities for relationship success.
  • Opportunity to connect with and learn from other couples.
  • Your relationship is elevated to the next level!

It “Pays” to Elevate your Relationship

  • The more classes you both attend, the more you receive.
  • Up to $160 e-gift card per couple for completing all 8 sessions.
  • Up to $95 in e-gift cards for each partner who participates in the research.

Want Economic Stability?

Economic instability is a source of stress for many couples.

Partners who have finished Elevate will have an opportunity to participate in our other free program, Discovering Money Solutions. DMS teaches skills to build and manage financial resources effectively. This helps families progress toward lasting economic stability. Financial security can reduce couple conflict in the home. Ask us for more information during the DMS registration process.

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