We are involved in research, consulting and service learning projects with industries such as fiber, textile and apparel manufacturers, and retailers. Our community involvement includes museums, homebuilders, Aspire Clinic, PALS Athens Musicians, and much more. Our undergraduate majors include: Fashion Merchandising and Furnishings and Interiors.

Expert Faculty

Our faculty offers expertise in a variety of areas specifically tailored for study in the disciplines of fiber, polymers, textile science, merchandising and international trade, historic/cultural dress, and interiors. Areas of expertise include functional textiles and product design, retailing in the global economy, sustainable interior environments, and historic clothing and textiles preservation with an historic collection of over 3000 pieces.

State-of-the-art Labs

We maintain state-of-the-art labs equipped with instrumentation for research, testing, and teaching. A cooperative agreement with the USDA Richard Russell Center provides access to a 350 MHZ nuclear magnetic resonance instrument with imaging analysis ability, and to instruments such as a Raman-IR microspectrophotometer.

Historic Collection

We are home to a Historic Clothing and Textiles Collection of over 3000 garments, accessories and textiles which date from 1800 to the early 21st century.  Exhibitions (coordinated by faculty, graduate and undergraduate students) are installed at least once a semester in the Barrow Hall gallery and other museum and galleries in the area. 

Innovative Projects

UGA's Official Tartan is just one example of the projects you may be a part of as a TMI student. You are encouraged to contribute knowledge, expertise, and interest areas for special activities and projects like the official tartan.