As part of the college, we draw our strength and identity as part of UGA. We’re the flagship research land-grant university and it’s important that each of us represent the college and university in a consistent way. This not only is of benefit to the college and to UGA, but also to those we communicate with – and you!

We encourage you to...

  • Share your news. Communications Director Cal Powell can work with you to share your research, teaching and public service stories with the world.
  • Invite participation by posting items on the Events Calendar. Share your event
  • Post current events and awards on the Digital Signage.
  • Get Social and communicate through our Facebook, Twitter, Flickr accounts. Respond to posts and share your news and photos. If you have a question, contact Cal.
  • Read UGA's Social Media Policies and Guidelines.
  • Keep your online profile up-to-date. This is the place prospective students, parents, collaborators, donors, lawmakers, the media and friends get information about you and the college’s programs. Are you happy with what they will find? Update your profile
  • Smile! If you would like a new head shot or other photos, contact Cal.


Branding, Logos, and Visual Identity contains logos, guidelines, and the official FACS email signature file. 

Technology Support

The Office of Technology and Instructional Services can set you up with a computer in your office or on the go.

Additional services include:

  • Connecting to your PC from off campus
  • Video conferencing/recording
  • Web development
  • Internet connectivity
  • Hardware/software setup
  • eLC setup and consultation
  • Support for technology integration in the classroom
  • Quotes for technology products


Templates contains Publisher, PowerPoint, and InDesign files with our new FACS logo.

Policies and Procedures

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