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Your gift helps students every day.

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Donations support every core component of the FACS family. From financial aid, to teaching and research, to facilities maintenance, your generosity can touch every aspect of your college.

Sustain excellence

To attract and retain the most promising students, it is imperative to provide the best education possible. Alumni gifts have an impact on the quality of FACS teaching and on improvements to classrooms and research facilities.

In Memory of …

Another way to support Family and Consumer Sciences is to make a gift "In Memory of" or "In Honor of" a fellow classmate or family member.

Your generosity opens doors, enhances learning, educates tomorrow's leaders

Donor's Stories

Dr. Bill Flatt

Though he is now retired, Dr. Flatt still serves as a guest lecturer, filling the halls of College of Family and Consumer Sciences with his smiling face and positive attitude. In fact, Dr. Flatt is so fond of College of Family and Consumer Sciences that he has frequently put his money where his heart is by providing multiple gifts to the College, including the endowment of two student scholarships and three student financial awards.

Dr. Flatt's story . . .

Lisa Gipson

For me, giving back helps partner with the Dean, Faculty and Staff to provide opportunities for current student leaders to learn and grow.  I have personally benefited from learning experiences, opportunities to serve, and the relationships built through my collegiate and alumni years.  It's important for me to be involved in many ways as an alum, and I am hopeful that my gifts will grow over the years.

Lisa Gipson's story . . .

Hon. Kathy Palmer

During my lifetime, my family and I have believed in, invested in and benefited from the purposes and goals of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. Those same purposes and goals extend beyond each of our individual lives for the good of all.  I want my support to continue even in death so the College of Family and Consumer Sciences philosophy continues as well.

Hon. Kathy Palmer's story . . .

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