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As a donor to UGA FACS, you make students' dreams possible, the university greater and our community stronger.

Why Give

Teaching tomorrow's leaders and enriching our community.

UGA FACS funds scholarships and technical initiatives. We serve Georgia's families and the region with innovative research and excellent education. Partner with us!

Where To Give

Connect your passion to one of our priorities. Support the FACS Fund for Excellence to provide college-wide support for our most pressing needs. You can also give to the department, program, or scholarship that has most affected you.

How To Give

There are many ways to make a gift to the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.

All gifts are received and managed by the University of Georgia Foundation. The UGA Foundation's mission has been to ensure that support from donors is managed in accordance with their wishes.

Building the Future

370books, chapters, and publications

309 faculty presentations

1,325 undergraduate enrollment

425 undergraduate degrees

147 graduate degrees

In looking towards tomorrow we must prepare today. One of the key steps in securing a better tomorrow is educating tomorrow's leaders. Here at FACS we have skilled faculty and staff doing just that. Whether it is in the classroom, the lab, studying abroad or at the Student Success and Advising Center, FACS students are becoming prepared not just for future careers but for life.

It is through generous faculty and student support that FACS students have the opportunities such as participating in research opportunities alongside esteemed FACS faculty or serving as legislative aides at the state capitol.


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Administrative Specialist

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