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Scholarships are gift aid, meaning you do not have to repay them. As a FACS major, you have access to exclusive FACS scholarships. To start, select an area below.

Study Away

Learn in London, Ghana FDN, Ghana TMI, Greece, Cortona TMI, New York City, Portugual, France & Spain. The deadline for Maymester and Summer 2022 programs is January 24, 2022.

There were 8 Virtual Study Away Scholarships awarded in 2021.

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In 2021, 69 of 91 applicants were awarded scholarships. Criteria such as major, financial need, merit, and in some cases 4-H involvement or hometown, are considered. If you are an incoming freshman to UGA, you must submit your application with your acceptance letter from UGA to be considered for undergraduate scholarships. The deadline for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 scholarships is March 1, 2022.

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In 2021, 49 of 49 graduate applicants were awarded scholarships.  Criteria such as major, financial need, and in some cases research emphasis, are considered.  The deadline for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 scholarships is March 1, 2022.

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2020/2021 Numbers


  • 61 / 118 applicants awarded (51%)
  • Recipient cumulative GPAs ranged from 4.00 - 3.00


  • 28 / 50 applicants awarded (56%)

Undergraduate + Graduate

  • $123,550. total awarded from 54 scholarships
  • $800 - $5000 award range

Study Away

 We were unable to award Study Away, due to the pandemic.

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