Web Development

OTIS offers free assistance with creating your FACS web page in the UGA/FACS web template. Initial creation of web pages or training is done by collaboration between you and the Web Team, then management is done by you via a content management system, Expression Engine.

What kinds of web pages are supported?

  • Departments
  • Institutes
  • Extension/Outreach
  • Labs
  • Student organizations
  • Study Away trips
  • News
  • Newsletters
  • Events
  • Biographies / Profiles / Interviews
  • Projects
  • Blogs
  • Forms


If you just need access to your profile, news or events, proceed to Ready to Start.

Otherwise, these are the requirements:

  1. Must adhere to the FACS template standards.
  2. Must adhere to the UGA branding standards. This is automatically inherited by the FACS template, so you can just follow the FACS template standards and be fine.

Ready to start?

If you want a profile, fill out form: Add/Edit Profile.

If your web pages are already up and you need to maintain them, contact us with the web page(s) you'll need to manage and the tasks you will be performing.

If you don't yet have web pages and want them, get in touch with us. We'll collaborate on the initial development, then we hand them off to you to maintain.

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Need something else?

The UGA/FACS template may not be what you need. Some projects need their own look or customizations. EITS offers free web services such as web hosting and OmniUpdate if you'd prefer customizations beyond the UGA/FACS template.

OTIS does not support websites built outside of the UGA/FACS template. If you create your own website, it is your responsibility to support it.

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