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Directory Management

The FACS Directory is accessible by the People link at the top of every page.

Users add themselves by filling out the Add/Edit Profile form.

A photo is required for a profile.

Departments remove their members who have left.

Benefits of adding a profile

  1. You get a public profile that typically ranks highly on search engines to promote/identify yourself.
  2. You are easily added into any web page as contact or team member.
  3. You are automatically included in your department directory.
  4. You are automatically included into listservs.

For Content Admins

You can manually edit profiles the directory by using the Profiles channel.

Note: Directory index pages are cached, so your changes will normally be visible the day after you edit it. 

How to remove directory members

  1. Open your directory index
  2. Click somebody who has left
  3. Click "Edit Page" at the bottom right
  4. Go to the Options tab
  5. Set "Status" to "Closed"
  6. Save

You may alternatively do this within Expression Engine if you go to Edit > Profiles and change the "Category" dropdown to your department. This lists everybody inside Expression Engine's control panel.

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How to manually include a member

You can add a member so that they don't have to fill out the Add/Edit Profile form. This can be a good idea if they're temporary like an intern and only need a basic profile, and won't need to edit it going forward.

  1. Open Expression Engine
  2. Go to Create > Profiles
  3. Define required fields:
    • Title as "Firstname Lastname," like "John Doe"
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
  4. Define any other optional fields
  5. Save
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