How to Reduce File Size

We have limits of 5MB for images and 30MB for documents. If you have tried to upload something bigger than this, it's likely the file is unnecessarily large, and can be reduced to below these limits.


No image viewed on a web page needs to be anywhere near 5MB. To reduce the file size, open the image in your favorite image editor and resize it. If it asks for resolution, a maxium resolution of 2000 is fine. If you're not sure how to resize it in your image editor, google "resize (editor name)". It's usually very easy.


Almost always the culprit is a PowerPoint that stores images unnecessarily at high resolution. Google "reduce file size ppt" for a list of good methods. The current #1 hit (Aug '20) is How to Drastically Reduce Your PowerPoint File Size, which works great.


Open Adobe Acrobat, open a file, then go to File > Save as Other > Reduced Size PDF.


We do not host videos. There are plenty of good options for hosting:

  • Zoom Cloud if it's a Zoom meeting
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive - Log into UGAMail, click the dots at the top left corner, then select "OneDrive." This lets you share files with individuals.
  • FACS YouTube - Jimmy Hansen can upload videos to the FACS YouTube channel, either as public, unlisted or private.

Something else?

Other file types rarely take up this much space, but googling "reduce file size (file type)" will likely yield good results.

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