Faculty and Staff Awards Program

The FACS awards and recognition program showcases faculty and staff successes surrounding learning, discovery, outreach and leadership in the college.

Nomination Process

Through a nomination process facilitated by the academic departments or units, including Extension Districts, awards packets are reviewed by members of the Faculty Advisory Committee, Staff Council and additional stakeholders following the criteria listed for each award. Some awards, not all, are supported by an endowment. Those endowed funds allow for a cash award in addition to the award plaque. Non-endowed award recipients receive only the plaque. All awardees are recognized at the Spring College Assembly.


Most deadlines are on Jan 30, but there are exceptions.

View the Awards Table Nomination & Selection Process column to check deadlines.


Contact Kathy Adams at mkadams@uga.edu.

Unit Responsibilities

Each unit should have an awards committee and chair who promote all awards and facilitate the entire process, from the initial nomination process to completion of the awards packet, along with obtaining letters of support and vitae/resume to the appropriate entity by the deadline.  Units are encouraged to retain copies of awards submissions to accumulate a bank of awards packets to aid others in successful awards submissions.

Prestigious Awards

In addition to the college awards for faculty and staff, peers, supervisors and unit heads are encouraged to nominate faculty and staff for university and professional awards. The FACS departments reviewed the National Research Council lists of Highly Prestigious Awards and made recommendations for awards in the disciplines of the college but which are nationally highly prestigious and prestigious. The list of 61 awards, primarily in the social sciences, will augment the NRC list. A list of those prestigious and highly prestigious awards is provided for faculty of the departments of Nutritional Sciences, Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer EconomicsHuman Development and Family Science, and Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors. The FACS Plan to Enhance Prestigious External Faculty Awards is a resource for the college and units.


Publicity of college award winners is orchestrated by the Dean’s Office. All departments and units are encouraged to inform the college’s Director of External Relations of external and prestigious awards upon receipt to facilitate publicity. All award recipients are to be included in the department and unit’s Annual Report at the close of the calendar year.


All awards should be submitted as one .pdf to facsdean@uga.edu.

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