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Administrative Cabinet

Dean: Linda Kirk Fox, Chair

  • Allisen Penn
  • Lynn Bailey
  • Gajanan Bhat
  • Noel Card
  • Patricia Hunt-Hurst
  • Sheri Worthy
  • Cal Powell
  • Mark Ellenberg
  • Michael McGough
  • Jenny Ramsey
  • Zo Stoneman
  • Cara Simmons
  • Delilah Nageotte
  • Elaine Adams-Co Ed.
  • Alexis Morgan Randall
  • Joe Nageotte
  • Tricia White

Staff Council

Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics Paula Moon pjmoon@uga.edu
Human Development and Family Science Anjanette Russell adsmith@uga.edu
Foods and Nutrition Gabe Wilkerson ggwilk82@uga.edu
Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors Terri Puckett


Institute on Human Development and Disability Amanda Alford aea75939@uga.edu
Administrative Unit Kassie Suggs ksuggs@uga.edu


Do you have a suggestion or issue that you would like Staff Council to discuss? Please contact your department representative to let them know!

View Staff Council Bylaws

Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee

Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Patti Hunt-Hurst, Chair

Director of Office of Technology and Instructional Services, Mark Ellenberg, Ex Officio

Business and Finance Office, Lynn Woodall, Ex Officio


FDN Alternate

Jung Sun Lee

Art Grider


HDFS Alternate

Ted Futris



FHCE Alternate

John Grable

Lance Palmer


TMI Alternate

Lilia Gomez-Lanier

Laura McAndrews

IHDD/UAP Becky Brightwell
OTIS Melinda Pethel
Student Reps Luke Vogel, Vacant
Student Success and Advising Center Cara Simmons

Curriculum Committee

Associate Dean for Academic Programs: Patti Hunt-Hurst, Chair

Dean: Linda Kirk Fox, Ex Officio

HDFS Melissa Kozak Brenda Cude
FDN Emma Laing Silvia Giraudo
FHCE Brenda Cude Sheri Worthy
TMI Gajanan Bhat Clair McClure
IHDD Carol Britton-Laws Zo Stoneman
FACS Ed Melissa Garber
SSAC Cara Simmons

Executive Committee

Dean: Linda Kirk Fox, Chair

  • Allisen Penn
  • Lynn Bailey
  • Patricia Hunt-Hurst
  • Gajanan Bhat
  • Sheri Worthy
  • Noell Card
  • Jenny Ramsey
  • Cal Powell
  • Zo Stoneman
  • Delilah Nageotte
  • Tricia White

Faculty Advisory Committee (Elected - 2 Year Term)

On-Going Members

Dean: Linda Kirk Fox, Chair

Associate Dean for Academic Programs: Patti Hunt-Hurst, Ex Officio

Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach: Allisen Penn, Ex Officio


FDN Chad Paton
HDFS Jennifer George
Professor Jung Sun Lee
Assistant Professor Gin Cox


FHCE Sophia Anong
TMI Yoo-Kyoung Seock
Associate Professor Diane Bales
Instructor/Lecturer Melissa Landers-Potts
Public Service & Outreach VACANT

Graduate Coordinators

Dean: Linda Fox, Chair

HDFS Noel Card
FDN Barbara Grossman
FHCE Velma Zahirovic-Herbert
TMI Yoo-Kyoung Seock

Undergraduate Coordinators

Associate Dean for Academic Programs: Patti Hunt-Hurst

HDFS Melissa Kozak
FDN Rob Pazdro
FHCE Brenda Cude
TMI Clair McClure

International/Study Tour Committee

Associate Dean for Academic Programs: Patti Hunt-Hurst, Chair

HDFS Melissa Landers-Potts FDN Alex Anderson FHCE Effie Antonoudi TMI Katalin Medvedev

Office Managers Forum

FDN Tonya Harris
FHCE Melissa McBride
HDFS Livia Wade

LaFarrah Smith

Accounts Forum

Financial Director Jenny Ramsey-Chair

Becky Wortham

HDFS Vacant

Sonja Halder


Lora Shue

IHDD Christie Holbert
SNAP ED Scott Bonefield

Business Affairs Office Personnel: Anne-Marie Johnson, Lynn Woodall

Student Veterans Liaisons

HDFS: Vacant

Aspire: Megan Ford

FDN: Barbara Grossman

Scholarships and Awards Committee

Associate Dean for Academic Programs: Patti Hunt-Hurst, Chair

Dean: Linda Kirk Fox, Ex Officio

Director of Development: Vacant, Ex Officio

FACS Ed Debra Gerrits
FHCE Diann Moorman

Clair McClure

FDN Robert Pazdro
HDFS Melissa Kozak

Student-Faculty Affairs Committee (the President from each club, Student-Faculty Co-Chair)

Associate Dean for Academic Programs: Patti Hunt-Hurst, Faculty Co-Chair

Dean: Linda Kirk Fox, Ex Officio

Club Advisors

  • SDA: Joan Fischer
  • HDFS ASSN: Melissa Landers-Potts
  • Phi Upsilon Omicron: Diann Moorman
  • HDFS GSO: Maria Bermudez
  • SAFCS: Vacant
  • SMA: Greg Vessels
  • NAHB: Kim Skobba
  • FDN GSO: Lynn Bailey
  • SFFPA: Swarn Chatterjee
  • ROUGE: Jewon Lyu
  • FDSA: Laura McAndrews
  • SIDA: Lilia Gomez-Lanier
  • THE AGENCY: Clair McClure

University Council Memberships and Standing Committee

University Council


3 year terms end June 30

Linda Kirk Fox


Patti Hunt-Hurst (2020)

Ted Futris (2021)


Jamie Cooper (2020)


Yoo-Kyoung Seock (2022)


Alex Anderson (2021)


University Council Standing Committees

Committee on Facilities

Assaf Oshri


Curriculum Committee

Patti Hunt-Hurst


Faculty Admission Committee

Swarn Chatterjee


University Libraries Committee

Andy Carswell


Executive Committee *

Jamie Cooper


Human Resources Committee *

Ted Futris


Faculty Affairs Committee *

Yoo-Kyoung Seock


University P&T Appeals Committee

Zo Stoneman


Educational Affairs Committee*

Denise Lewis


Program Review & Assessment (PRAC)

Yoo-Kyoung Seock


* Must also be University Council Members

Student Success and Advising Center

Meeting Minutes

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