FACS Staff Council

FACS Staff Council is starting up again! Please join us for our next meeting. All staff members are invited, even if you are not a voting member. 

Since we are currently restarting the FACS Staff Council, we will be off of the schedule written in the bylaws – but once June 2023 happens, we will restart the stated schedule with Elections in May 2023. 

How can you participate?

  1. Run for Unit Representative: Each unit needs to nominate a voting representative. Terms last for two years. The current units are: FHCE, HDFS, NUTR, TMI, IHDD and Administrative Unit (Dean’s Office, BFO, OTIS, SSAC).
  2. Attend Meetings: 

    Both active voting and non-voting members are welcome to come to meetings. Meetings are every two months.

  3. Email Your Ideas:

    Can't make a meeting? Don't worry! You can read the minutes or email your rep ideas to be discussed at the next meeting. 

What is FACS Staff Council? 

The FACS Staff Council will formulate and recommend to the staff members and the Dean policies and procedures related but not exclusive to classified personnel. The FACS Staff Council will develop and maintain a college-wide communications network to provide for the efficient transmission of information to all staff members concerning the business conducted by the FACS Staff Council.

A PDF of the Presentation: All You Need to Know about FACS Staff Council

Unit Representatives:

Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics Melissa McBride mmcbride@uga.edu
Human Development and Family Science Livia Wade lswade@uga.edu
Nutritional Sciences Quincy Jordan Quincy.Jordan@uga.edu
Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors Terri Puckett tlp02212@uga.edu
Institute on Human Development and Disability Alexis Szelwach alexis.szelwach@uga.edu
Administrative Unit Catie Floyd catherine.floyd@uga.edu

Do you have a suggestion or issue that you would like Staff Council to discuss? Please contact your department representative to let them know!



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