Faculty Ambassador

Faculty Ambassadors promote the college to prospective students and encourage current students to engage in FACS activities throughout the calendar year.

Many FACS faculty already participate and represent the College at a variety of events such as recruiting activities, alumni functions, seminars, classes, and receptions. Faculty Ambassadors receive $500 in scholarly support funds (e.g. travel, supplies, equipment, etc.) for each year of service.

There will be four Faculty Ambassador positions awarded each year, one from each department, serving a two-year term. Departments are welcome to nominate additional Faculty Ambassadors with departmental funding support. 

What is the role of a Faculty Ambassador?

  • Positively promote the College to prospective students and their guests and engage current students for a two-year term.

What are Faculty Ambassador expectations?

  • Participate in FACS prospective and current student events throughout the year such as Tabling at Tate, FACS Info Sessions, UGA Admissions Training, etc.
  • Participate in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences leadership retreat held every fall
  • Provide feedback to increase recruitment and engagement from future and current FACS students.
  • Attend mid-year and end of year check-in meetings with the Program Director.
  • Present in FACS 2000 classes each fall and spring semester.

How are Faculty Ambassadors selected?

  • Department heads submit a nomination form. 
  • The Program Director will consider the department head nomination, college engagement, and the faculty’s ability to positively serve and promote the College at FACS events. We will notifiy the faculty member by June 1.

Who is eligible?

  • Former or current Faculty Ambassadors
  • All faculty, regardless of track, level, or rank

2022-2024 Faculty Ambassadors

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