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Robert Pazdro

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Foods and Nutrition

Associate Professor

302 Dawson Hall
305 Sanford Dr.
Athens, GA 30602




Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
Postdoc Genetics The Jackson Laboratory 2013
Ph.D. Nutrition Science Purdue University 2010
B.A. Sociology, biology Oakland University 2004


We are using a diverse set of biological and genetic techniques to better understand longevity, aging, and the onset of age-associated diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Our studies are conducted in mice, which are exceptional models because they share a high degree of genetic similarity with humans, exhibit short life spans, and enable investigators to efficiently control environmental factors - among them is diet. The long-term goals of our research are to enhance knowledge of aging as a biological process and to develop novel interventions that promote healthy longevity. For more information, see the Mechanisms of Aging and Longevity Laboratory.


FDNS 4570/6570 Inherited Metabolic Disorders (Spring Semester); FDNS 2400 Intro to Nutrition Science (Fall Semester)

Current Research

Our current research projects include:

R01 GM121551 NIH/NIGMS Defining the Genetic Architecture of the Glutathione Redox System; Role: Principal Investigator.

R56 AG053309 NIH/NIA A Systems Approach to GDF11 and its Effects on Cardiac Hypertrophy; Role: Principal Investigator.

Journal Articles

Select Publications:

Gould RL, Zhou Y, Yakaitis CL, Love K, Reeves J, Kong W, Coe E, Xiao Y, and Pazdro R. Heritability of the aged glutathione phenotype is dependent on tissue of origin. Mammalian Genome 2018; In press.

Bumgardner SA, Zhou Y, Jiang Z, Coe EJ, Yakaitis CL, Xiao Y, and Pazdro R. Genetic influence on splenic natural killer cell frequencies and maturation among aged mice. Experimental Gerontology 2018; 104: 9-16.

Norris KM, Okie W, Kim WK, Adhikary R, Yoo S, King S, and Pazdro R. A high-fat diet differentially regulates glutathione phenotypes in the obesity-prone mouse strains DBA/2J, C57BL/6J, and AKR/J. Nutrition Research 2016; 36: 1316-1324.

Norris KM, Okie W, Yakaitis CL, and Pazdro R. The anthocyanin cyanidin-3-O-beta-glucoside modulates murine glutathione homeostasis in a manner dependent on genetic background. Redox Biology 2016; 9:254-263.

Jiang Z, Harrison DE, Parsons ME, McClatchy S, Jacobs L, and Pazdro R. Heritability of in vitro phenotypes exhibited by murine adipose-derived stromal cells. Mammalian Genome 2016; 27(9-10): 460-468.

Zhou Y, Jiang Z, Harris EC, Reeves J, Chen X, and Pazdro R. Circulating concentrations of growth differentiation factor 11 are heritable and correlate with life span. Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 2016; 71:1560-1563.

Zhou Y, Harrison DE, Love-Myers K, Chen Y, Grider A, Wickwire K, Burgess JR, Stochelski MA, and Pazdro R. Genetic analysis of tissue glutathione concentrations and redox balance. Free Radical Biology & Medicine 2014; 71: 157-164.

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