1. Send a request to the helpdesk@fcs.uga.edu including the following:
    • The subject line of "Mainframe Printing".
    • Whether the printing is for student records (this requires that the printer be in a secure location)
    • The name, department and office location of person needing access to Mainframe Print services.
    • Your IMS account username e.g., MET254
    • The IP address for the computer that will connect. (Instructions on how to find the IP address.)
    • A request that software for IMS Printing be installed on that computer.
  2. Wait for an email from College of Family and Consumer Sciences OTIS with your printer name.
  3. Go to the Access Services web page and choose which type of access you need. Follow the detailed instructions provided for each form.
  4. Fill out each of the forms, get the proper signatures, and send to the person listed on the form.
  5. When you have received verification of an account, email your mainframe userid to helpdesk@fcs.uga.edu and a College of Family and Consumer Sciences OTIS representative will come to your office and install the software necessary for printing.