HERA Membership Form

HERA Membership Includes

  • Subscription to the research journal Housing & Society
  • Annual Conference: HERA’s annual conference is scheduled in a different geographic region of the U.S. or international site each year. Topics of current housing issues are presented by members as well as state, national and international housing leaders. Sessions, posters, and group discussions are held on the education, research and extension implications of current housing trends and research. Conference proceedings include refereed abstracts of papers presented.
  • Educational Resources: HERA has available on-line and for purchase educational resources developed by members and committees. These include teaching tips and classroom/program ideas.
  • Awards: Tessie Agan Scholarship, Kenneth Tremblay Early Career Housing Award, Housing ImpactAward, Distinguished Service Award, International Ambassador Fellowship Award, Secondary Education Housing Teaching Award, and the Extension Housing Outreach Award.

Library Journal Subscriptions

Libraries may subscribe to the journal, Housing & Society, the official publication of HERA. To subscribe, go to: housingeducators.org/publications and click on “Access Journal Articles” button. (Online access only = $375 or print AND online access = $441.)

Membership Categories

After you register, you will be directed to a page where you can pay for your membership. Membership categories include:


Any person/organization interested in the purposes of HERA. These members have voting privileges and receive the Housing & Society journal. Libraries are not eligible.


Persons enrolled as students on at least a half-time basis. These members receive the Housing & Society journal but do not have voting privileges. (Former active members who return to student status do not lose their voting rights.)


Any retired person who was formerly an active member. These members receive all the benefits and privileges of active membership.


Upon submission you will be directed to PayPal links. Choose the appropriate one to pay for your membership.